O Come, Emmanuel: Advent in Review

Advent was a crazy season this year. As a solo and part-time pastor, December is always chaotic, and all the more so at Redeemer. We gather together for midweek Vespers, meaning that December brings with it twice the preaching load of a normal month.

But December also brought with it three funerals, two of which followed months-long hospitalizations.

To give a sense of scale, I am expected to work twenty hours a week in this call. Most weeks, I end up around twenty-two. A busy week puts me at twenty-five. I was over that mark every single week of December, and the first week I topped thirty-five.

Advent is among my favorite seasons of the year, ranking right behind the Paschal Triduum. This year, though, the point was really driven home: we are waiting for the final arrival of our Savior to deliver us into that glorious new creation already assured through Christ’s Resurrection. Looking back on Advent, all I can say is Veni, Veni Emmanuel. (Pray, kindred, that I may continue to find moments of Sabbath.)

As much as I value this blog and the place it provides for me to chase rabbits down their ever-winding holes, I have not had much spare energy to maintain it other than posting homilies. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a series on progressive Christianity and fundamentalism when all of this hit, and the next installment is long-overdue.

With Christmastide behind me, it’s time to start digging in. The next installment of Shared Belief will be up shortly, and I’m putting together a few other ideas to develop over the coming months.

Stay tuned.

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