Two Sermons for Easter 7

Homilies for the Seventh Sunday of Easter

Texts: Acts 16:16-34; St. John 17:20-26

This past Sunday, I was at the annual assembly for the Southeastern Synod as we elected a new bishop.

Our outgoing bishop, the Rev. H. Julian Gordy, preached on the Gospel text at the Divine Service on Sunday morning, reminding us:

On his last night with his disciples, Jesus prayed for us, that we would be together in his Spirit. And so – with whatever faith we have – we gather around this table, eager for this food which sustains us, gives us strength, and courage to be the ministers of reconciliation we were called to be.

Meanwhile, the weekly assembly at Redeemer heard from the Rev. Mitch Lewis, my father, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, and my go-to supply preacher, as he explored the pericope from Acts:

In baptism, God made us citizens and subjects of his kingdom. For Christians, baptism is like the naturalization ceremony by which immigrants become citizens of the United States. And in baptism, we pledge our faith and loyalty to the triune God and his kingdom.

In ways both large and small, God continues to realign and reprioritize our allegiances. I don’t think God is finished with me yet, so this morning I’m going to confess my faith one more time and come to the table expecting God to strengthen my faith, that I might become a more loyal subject of Christ and his kingdom.


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